Orgse Tea - High Quality Chinese Organic Tea Selenium-Rich Pesticide-FreeTea Manufacturer

    Orgse Tea - China Professional Organic Tea Manufacturer

    About Us

    Orgse Tea professionally provides high standards organic tea and EU pesticide-free teas - green tea, black tea, white tea, broken teas, etc. 


    Orgse Tea is located in the most beautiful nature scenery area in China - Xuanen, Enshi, Hubei. The great natural environment helps Orgse Tea plant and produce high-quality teas. 

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    Since 2008, Orgse Tea started running its first organic tea plantation from wild mountains; After 3 years hard working under organic management, Orgse Tea own its IMO's organic certificate. Now, Orgse Tea owns more than 2000 acres organic tea gardens which promise Orgse Tea harvesting the cleanest and stability quality organic tea material. 


    Orgse Tea keeps the highest standards in organic tea producing under organic tea producing rules. Organic, Safety, Sustainability concepts had been engraved to each Orgse Tea employee.


    We are growing and looking forward growing with our clients together. 

    Need more information, just contact us.

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